Díez-Picazo Abogados is a law firm founded in 1964 by Luis Díez-Picazo, devoted to providing legal advice at the highest level in matters of private law

Original plate, from the 40s, by Luis Díez Picazo, father of the founder of the firm.


History of the Firm

Díez-Picazo Abogados is a law firm founded in 1964 by Luis Díez-Picazo and devoted to provide legal advice related to complex private law matters. Thus the founder pursued the works started by his father, Luis Díez Picazo, who litigated since 1940 until 1964, and was a collaborator of Joaquín Garrigues, renowned commercial law scholar and lawyer. Since 1964 onwards Díez-Picazo Abogados has been advising its clients constantly, except during the period 1980-89, when the founder served as Justice at the Constitutional Court.

Since then, the family legal tradition that embodies the firm has served to a third generation to start their careers and develop them from there. As an example, at the present time, Luis María Díez-Picazo presides the Contentious-Administrative Chamber (Chamber III) of the Spanish Supreme Court; José María Díez-Picazo serves in the Madrid City Council; Gema Díez-Picazo is State legal counsellor of the Spanish Constitutional Court; and Teresa Díez-Picazo is Secretary of the Board of Directors of Libertas.

In 2012, Ignacio Díez-Picazo rejoined the Firm to manage it as well as to strengthen its founder commitment.

In Spain, Díez-Picazo Abogados is considered a reference law firm for complex matters in civil, commercial and procedural law.